​​​​​​​Dalila Blanc
Dalila Blanc is a psychologist and neuro psycho pedagogue whose line of research includes several groups. The project's purpose was to create a friendly visual identity that represents inclusion, diversity and transmits the values and principles of the brand. We designed the visual identity based on the brand's need to be more inclusive and diverse while keeping minimal. The symbol along with its variations make the brand flexible and adaptable without losing consistency.

The symbol splits into four parts: By placing the Patient as the first part we bring the focus and attention to it; Bellow it we have the Hands, representing support and protection; As the basis of it all we have the Book, as it represents neuropsychopedagogy itself; Both the Patient and the Hand combined forms a flower, that represents growth.
Thank you for coming this far and appreciating my work.
Designed by Wesley Domiciano
© All rights reserved.
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